Update subterfuge v-3.0 – Automated Man-in-the-Middle Attack Framework

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General Features : 

  • Credential Harvester
  • Http Injection Code
  • Session Hijacking
  • Race Condition Exploitation
  • Evilgrade update exploitation
  • Wireless attack suite
  • and more …
Subterfuge ScreenShoot GUI For Unix/Linux Tool

ChangeLog V-3.0:

 Program Structure:

  • Developed Network View
  • Integrated Nmap
  • Added update functionality through SVN

29 EnhancementAccepted   High   —- Mtoussain      › Module Builder
Now fully functional

44 EnhancementAccepted   High   —- Topher         › Mobile Device Credential Harvesting
Tested and added popular mobile site definitions

33 EnhancementAccepted   High  —Mtoussain      › Network Enumeration Module
Tooled Subterfuge in with Nmap to allow for ennumeration of poisoned hosts

41 EnhancementNew      Low– ›   Expose detailed attack info in the web UI
This is now accomplished via the Network View Control Interface

The new Network View Control Interface makes it easy to deploy many different modules against potential victims, and optimizes the attackers efficiency

DOS Module
 New Modules:
Network View Control Interface
DOS Module

   Bug Fixes:
Optimized SSLStrip by removing extraneous error reporting

Subterfuge  Automated Man-in-the-Middle Attack Framework Tutorial : 

Download Latest : SubterfugePublicBeta3.0.tar.gz (17.0 MB)
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