Simple Multi Protocol Packet Sniffer – SMPPS v-0.9 released

The SMPPS (Simple Multi Protocol Packet Sniffer) is an open source project based on C and Raw Sockets, the purpose of it is to get free software, functional and robust than the principle of packet capture protocols IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP and IGMP, and controlling the visual form in a text mode interface the size of the packet stream being transmitted in the network are classified by protocol as well as total volume and amount of other packages such as ARP.

The project to this principle in the face of development and for now can only capture packets like TCP / IP, but can also create a log file and preview mode after the entire stream captured in a detailed and intuitive to allow easy to analyze the network traffic. Another detail is that it focused only and for use on UNIX systems and to help network administrators and systems programmers, developers, pentesters, ethical hackers and the like.

Download : smpps-0.9.0 (18.0 kB) 
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