SCL Manipulation and Configuration Tools V0.5.5

SCL Manipulation and Configuration Tools, is a set of libraries and applications that allows to create and modify XML files witch use Substation Configutation Language based on IEC61850 part 6 standart.From the console you can edit test scripts and distribute them to the worker processes. It is no longer be necessary to copy files around or to use a shared disk.

Features : 

  • View/Edit IEC 61850-6 compliant SCL files
OpenSCLTools is a set of libraries and applications to view, create or edit
IEC 61850-6 SCL files. Is an open source software licensed under GPL and
LGPL, allowing any Utility, individual or IED vendors to use, study and modify
them for its own purposes.
Project’s home page is located at:
No windows installer exists jet, but you can download OpenSCLTools and uncompress it in a folder
and run OpenSCLConfigurator directly, on Linux boxes new distributions have mono pre-installed
and on Windows it has .NET installed as well.
OpenSCLConfigurator is the main application to create/edit SCL files.
You can use SharpDevelop or MonoDevelop on Windows for source code hacking/view.
Gtk version use MonoDevelop (
The source repository use Git, then if you want the last source
and fancy new features added to this project (for any version) you need to
download Git from:
may you want some help to use Git visit:
For contributions summit or help wanted visit:
CHANGES FROM 0.5.4 TO 0.5.5
== OpenSCLTools 0.5.5 ==
* .NET downgraded to 3.5
== Released OpenSCLConfigurator 0.3.3 ==
* Validating now shows a dialog box for errors found
* Validating now don’t modify properties panel
* Validation no longer open a file; you can continue working in your
project and validate files
* Fixed a bug to detect modifications due to adding new elements
* Removed SaveDialog class
* Added a new Save As… item to File menu
* OpenSCLConfigurator now shows the SCL file in use at window title
* Save/Open/New now works like other applications considering
the actual file in use and modifications
* On Linux/Mono Validation crash, this is handled by a message box
* General coding standard modifications
* OpenSCLConfigurator now holds a TreeViewSCL reference and pass it to objects
requiring it. Its scl property is updated when open/new SCL are created
* Change cursor to busy on opening, new and importing
* Fixing main window title
* Update modified field to detect modifications due to UI and context dialogs
* Changing Save behaviour
* Suscribing to Context menu changes
* Now open files given in command line options
Released OpenSCL library 0.5.5
* Fixed bug at OpenSCL.Object.GetIEDConnectedAP (string)
* OpenSCL.Object.GetIEDConnectedAP (int) allways returns a valid
Arraylist, with no elements if no ConnectedAP are found
* tAccessPoint object initializes its tServer object
* Added OpenSCL.tAddress.AddtP() method
* Added OpenSCL.tConnectedAP.AddGSE() method
* Added OpenSCL.tGSE.InitAddress() method, default values set to be
used for a GOOSE message
* Fixed a bug at OpenSCL.tLDevice.AddLN() method
* Added OpenSCL.tLN0.AddGSEControl() method
* Added tAnyLN.GetDataSet (string)
* Fixed a bug in tCommunication.AddSubNetwork (string, string)
* Fixed a bug in tLDevice.AddLN
* Added tLN0.GetGSEControl (string)
Released OpenSCLUI library 0.3.7
* More work to separate UI from low level operations
* Reimplemented TreeView new nodes addition for GSEControl and GSE
* Added new API to TreeViewSCL to find nodes and new ones for
GSE and GSEControl
* Communication Dialog create a new network with inconsistency, filed
at bug 3505438
* ContextMenuSCL now owns a copy of the current SCL and TreeViewSCL
from main App window
* ContextMenuSCL now shows better dialogs boxes for user notification
* Now is required to create a Subnetwork and connect IED’s access point
to it, before to create a GSE (GOOSE)
* GSEDialog works again and  now use new API in TreeViewSCL to create
GSEControl and GSE nodes and new API in OpenSCL
* GSEDialog added default values to text boxes
* Some modifications at GUIObjectManagement to help its deprecation/remove,
work in line with bug 3505451
* UI improvements to GSEDialog
* UI improvements to Communication Dialog – Set to connect IEDs to Subnetworks
* .NET downgrade
* Fixed error on Validating while using Mono/Linux. Now shows a dialog avoiding to crash.
* Validating shows a dialog with all errors to avoid modify properties panel
* Fixed .NET build to run in Windows XP
* 3511858: Unhandle error in ValidateFile()

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