Samba Virus Scanner (SVS) V0.1.4 released

The ‘Samba Virus Scanner‘ is a Samba VFS plugin to transparently scan CIFS shares for known viruses in a parallel and mostly asynchronous fashion when files are accessed (a.k.a. on-access virus scanning).
One of the most important goals of this project is performance, which means that we took great effort to allow for the fastest possible scans, including multi-threaded scanning, scan result caching and post-processing (quarantine/delete).
For Installation,Update Please read Here
Changelog SVS v0.1.4, 05-MAR-2012:
– fix: clean Samba 3.6 support, specifically adopted to API changes made in
Download SVS V-0.1.4 : svs-0.1.4.tar.bz2 (30.7 kB)
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