Quick Hash GUI – Linux & Windows File Hashing GUI Tool

A Linux and Windows GUI to enable the rapid selection and subsequent hashing of files, either individually or recursively throughout a folder structure, text and (on Linux) disks. Designed for Linux, but also available for Windows. SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 and MD5 available and all output can be copied to clipboard or saved as CSVHTML file. (note – a superb terminal program for hashing is md5deep (https://sourceforge.net/projects/md5deep/)
A selected source folder can be hashed and copied to a destination folder now, too.

NOTE: In Linux, make sure the binary is executable (either right click and in permissions area tick the box “Allow executing as a program” or in terminal “chmod +x QuickHash-Linux”. To be able to hash disks in Linux, run it at the terminal as follows: sudo ./QuickHash-Linux



  • NEW FEATURE – Recursive copying & hashing of all files in a source directory to a destination directory
  • Ability to hash physical and logical disks (if run in Linux using root or sudo), e.g. /dev/hda or /dev/hda1
  • Recursive MD5/SHA1/SHA256/SHA512 hashing of all files in a selected directory and sub-directories, up to a theoretical max of 18 ExaBytes of data….or 250 thousand 4 TeraByte harddisks full of data
  • Percentage progress indicator
  • Designed as a GUI for Linux but also compiled for Windows
  • Enables digital forensic practitioners or IT security staff to hash files at times when files have been extracted out from forensic software before or after transportation to non-forensic staff
  • A simple non-confusing interface.
  • Usually faster than mainstream hashing Windows tools
  • All results can be exported to a CSV text file, or a HTML web file, or both
  • Ability to copy data to clipboard using Ctrl+C
  • No installation. No wizards. No registration. Just double click and use, instantly.
  • Open Source (please feedback any code improvements for future versions.

Platform : Windows & Linux
Download Latest Version : QuickHash-Windows-v1.5.1 (2.1 MB)
Linux : QuickHash-Linux
Find Other version | Read more In here : http://www.fordiac.org/