pywerview - A (partial) Python rewriting of PowerSploit's PowerView.

pywerview – A (partial) Python rewriting of PowerSploit’s PowerView.

PywerView script makes it so easy to find vulnerable machines, or list what domain users were added to the local Administrators group of a machine, and much more.
* Many, many, many more PowerView functionalities to implement. I’ll focus on the (process) hunting functions and the GPO functions.
* Support Kerberos authentication
* Perform range cycling in get-netgroupmember
* Manage ADS path starting with GC://
* Try to fall back to tcp/139 for RPC communications if tcp/445 is closed
* Comment and document the code



+ Python 2.7
+ impacket >= 0.9.16-dev
+ bs4

Download from git: