puppy-pl : MySQL/MSSQL Scanner & Injector

Bug Fix latest released:
Dork scanner acts less quirky.
– Dumping functions’ bugs fixed.
– Optimized for ActivePerl
– Added examples.Precision & point-n-shoot attacks specified for MySQL and MSSQL vulnerabilities. This project is a remix and revisit of my previous injector SlowQL (also written in Perl)



  • Support both MySQL and MSSQL attacks
  • Vulnerability Dork Scanner/Checker
  • Quick & Custom dumping function
  • Evasion techniques
  • Friendly CLI
  • Written in Perl (not really a feature but I guess everyone likes the good old perl)

Download : puppy.pl-1.1.zip  (5.2 KB) 
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Read more in here : http://code.google.com/p/puppy-pl/