Ostinato version 0.5.1 Released.

Ostinato Change Log 2012-08-01 version 0.5.1 :
Link state and improved statistics support for Linux, BSD and Mac OSX
Fixed long inter-packet delay bug in interleaved mode due to which stream transmission could not be stopped ( Issue 60 ,  Issue 72 ,  Issue 74 )
Fixed long inter-packet delay on some Win32 platforms ( Issue 66 )
Fixed crash at init when pcap wasn’t able to open an interface ( Issue 64 )
Fixed incorrect TCP checksum when it is overridden ( Issue 58 )

Screen Capture Windows

Ostinato is a network packet and traffic generator and analyzer with a friendly GUI. It aims to be “Wireshark in Reverse” and thus become complementary to Wireshark. It features custom packet crafting with editing of any field for several protocols: Ethernet, 802.3, LLC SNAP, VLAN (with Q-in-Q), ARP, IPv4, IPv6, IP-in-IP a.k.a IP Tunneling, TCP, UDP, ICMPv4, ICMPv6, IGMP, MLD, HTTP, SIP, RTSP, NNTP, etc. It is useful for both functional and performance testing.

Features :

  • Runs on Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac OS X (Will probably run on other platforms also with little or no modification but this hasn’t been tested)
  • Open, edit, replay and save PCAP files
  • Support for the most common standard protocols
  • Ethernet/802.3/LLC SNAP
  • VLAN (with QinQ)
  • ARP, IPv4, IPv6, IP-in-IP a.k.a IP Tunnelling (6over4, 4over6, 4over4, 6over6)
  • Any text based protocol (HTTP, SIP, RTSP, NNTP etc.)
  • More protocols in the works …
  • Modify any field of any protocol (some protocols allow changing packet fields with every packet at run time e.g. changing IP/MAC addresses)
  • User provided Hex Dump – specify some or all bytes in a packet
  • User defined script to substitute for an unimplemented protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • Stack protocols in any arbitrary order
  • Create and configure multiple streams
  • Configure stream rates, bursts, no. of packets
  • Single client can control and configure multiple ports on multiple computers generating traffic
  • Exclusive control of a port to prevent the OS from sending stray packets provides a controlled testing environment
  • Statistics Window shows realtime port receive/transmit statistics and rates
  • Capture packets and view them (needs Wireshark to view the captured packets)
  • Framework to add new protocol builders easily

Download Version:
Windows : ostinato-bin-win32-0.5.1.zip (6.8 MB)
Linux/Unix : ostinato-src-0.5.1.tar.gz  (284 KB) 
Mac OS :  ostinato-bin-osx-universal-0.5.1.dmg (31.4 MB)
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Read more in here : http://code.google.com/p/ostinato/