Odysseus - Design of Hardware Trojan.

Odysseus – Design of Hardware Trojan.

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Odysseus – Design of Hardware Trojan
Verilog files modified: (Located at verilog/)
1.Added Trojan.v (implementation of T1)
2.Changed id_stage.v to add the Trojan

Random instruction generator:
A python code is located at testgenerator/random_test_gen.py, along with 100 randomly generated testcases

Random test generator script

Random test generator script

Type ‘make’ before running the following scripts:
Scripts for testings:
1.test.sh: Test all EECS470 testcases
Uncomment the code for calling $display in id_stage.v before running 2 and 3.

Test all EECS470 testcases

Test all EECS470 testcases

2.test_random.sh: Test all the randomly generated testcases.
3.test_prob.sh: Test the probability that T1 and T2 are triggered.
4.test_swactivity.sh: Test how many cycles out of total cycles are the two signals (specified in id_stage.v) equal to each other.

Type ‘make syn’ to synthesize the whole processor
fib.s in the current directory is the modified testcase that can trigger the Trojan and cause an infinite loop.

How to use?

Source : https://github.com/xmguo