Octopussy V-1.0.3 : Perl/XML Logs Analyzer

Features : 

  • LDAP supported for Octopussy Users & Contacts
  • Send Alerts by Email, IM(Jabber), NSCA(Nagios) & Zabbix_sender
  • Export Reports by Email, FTP & SCP
  • Create Map to show your architecture (more info)
  • Input & Output Plugins for Reports (more info)
  • Reports Scheduling
  • ‘RRDTool’ to graph syslog activity
  • Lot of Services already supported: Bind, Cisco Router, Cisco Switch, DenyAll Reverse Proxy, Drbd, F5 BigIP, Fortinet FW, Ironport MailServer, Linux Kernel/System, Linux IPTables, Monit, MySQL, Nagios, NetApp NetCache, Juniper Netscreen FW, Juniper Netscreen NSM, Postfix, PostgreSQL, Samhain, Snmpd, Squid, Sshd, Syslog-ng, Windows Snare Agent, Xen… (Services ressources)
  • Wizard to easily create new Message/Service for Unrecognized logs (Contribute !)
  • Online Updates for Services, Tables & Multilanguage
  • Multilanguage support
  • Themable Interface & Report
Platform : Unix/Linux

Changelog octopussy (1.0.3) urgency=high

* New program octo_tool added to do simple tasks
(for now, service_clone & table_clone)
* Feature Request #3477812: Ability to create an alert when Octopussy
receives new unknown logs
* Feature Request #3477752: You can now be redirected to Wizard page
or Service page after Message pattern creation
* Feature Request #3428757: You can now enable/disable logs compression
in ‘Device Services’ web page
* Feature Request #3416032 (1/2): Fixing the ordering of the status in
‘Alerts Viewer’ page
* Feature Request #3416032 (2/2): ‘Delete from Database’ button added
to ‘Alerts Viewer’ page
* Feature Request #3488473: Virtual Hosts added for Device Types/Models
* Feature Request #3416018: Now, you can set mimimum delay between 2 alerts
* Feature Request #3492003: Edit option for contacts
* Bugfix #3485331: Handling invalid Octopussy plugin
* Bugfix #3506010: Manual pages for Octopussy Perl modules were generated
with incorrect filename by ‘packaging_from_svn.pl’ script
* Bugfixing the unrefreshed date in ‘Selector_date’
* Bugfixing the missing ‘use AAT::Syslog;’ in Octopussy/Plugin.pm

Download Latest version :
octopussy-1.0.3.tar.gz (4.2 MB)
octopussy_1.0.3_all.deb (4.1 MB) 
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