NatUnit and L4N – Framework for Natural (SAG)

NatUnit is an easy to use unit testing framework for Software AG’s Natural, as the following code (a simple test case) shows. The whole framework is written in Natural itself, so you don’t have to use external tools like NaturalONE.

Platform: Unix/Linux

L4N offers basic logging functionality for Software AG’s Natural, including:

  • user- and module-specific logging
  • different log levels (e.g. debug, info, error)
  • combinable logging facilities (e.g. work file, INPUT, WRITE, database)
Nat Unit Architecture


  • NatUnit – Natural Unit Test-Framework
  • NatUnit – Hudson/Jenkins integration possible
  • L4N – use one or more adapters to Log
  • L4N – many adapters available
  • L4N – nearly OS indepentend

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