Mpge – a wrapper of msfpayload and msfencode of Metasploit.

Mpge is a wrapper of msfpayload and msfencode of Metasploit. Is possible use it with Backtrack and Backbox.This wrapper creates trojan horses for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac Osx Panther, Tiger and Leopard. For Mac osx is possible to create a classic reverse shell or creating a reverse shell inserted in a package .pkg with other scripts. I try my program after between two virtual machines: First host Mac Book (black) and second host a virtual Windows XP. Before i use my program between two real Mac osx:The first Mac Book (black) and the second Mac iBook G4 PowerPC (white)with os tiger. These two Mac were connected on lan(intranet). Mac Book osx (black) is in listening and expected the reverse shell. The second mac osx Mac iBook G4 PowerPC receive a packet (file .pkg or .dmg) and when the user click on file insert a password as root and activate the reverse shell.The reverse shell with evil script is a game not necessarily succeed quite don’t worry.

Platform : Unix/Linux

Download :
Mpge.tgz (17.5 MB)