JCBloc – Beta – Android Telemarketing (Junk) call blocker

This program listens for an incoming call and captures the call’s number. It then compares that number to numbers stored in a blacklist. If a match is found, it blocks the call after one (short) ring. If the user has voicemail turned on, the caller is directed to leave a message there. See the README.txt( file for further details. Designed to work with Andriod 2.2

A compiled version of the app, JCBloc.apk, is available at this site and may be downloaded and run either on a smartphone running Android 2.2 or on the Android 2.2 emulator provided in the Android Compatibility Package. An easy way to install it is to use the adb (Android Debug Bridge) utility
program located at:


To install on a smartphone, plug the phone into a USB port on your computer and turn the smartphone on. Then change to the directory where JCBloc.apk is located and run:

adb install ./JCBloc.apk

This should result in the display of some download data followed by: SUCCESS. You should then be able to run the app from the smartphone’s main menu. To run the program in the emulator, start Eclipse and then, from the menu bar select:

Window | AVD Manager | FixedLevel8 | Start…

The level 8 (Android 2.2) emulator should start (it takes some time). If you enter:

adb devices

you should see the the ID of the emulator (probably emulator-5554). You can then install the app with:

adb install ./JCBloc.apk

You can display all adb options by running:

adb -h

Download :
JCBloc_v0.1_EclipseWorkspaceFiles.tar.gz (88.5 KB)
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