DATA Gen™ – Test Data Generator to generate realistic test data.

DATA Gen™ Test Data Generator offers facilities to automate the task of creating test data for new or existing data bases. It helps lower the programming effort required, while reducing manual test data generation errors and the ripple effect that they cause on production systems, users and maintenance.The framework is centered around the Create application. This is where users can build their Intersect scripts, control the available modules and import their own. Using the Create application provides a very straight forward, menu-driven process for interacting with the framework.

Features : 

  • Automated generation of test data
  • Ajax based Rich UI by VAADIN Framework
  • 20+ Data types supported
  • SQL, CSV, XML, EXCEL Data generation
  • Instant SQL Script Runner
  • Export to File feature for generated Data
  • Database Explorer tab
  • Configurable Data Formats
  • Configurable Database settings
  • Single sign on Database connection
  • Complete Help and Tutorials provided

Data Gen User Guide  PDF FORMAT

Download Latest Version : DataGen.war (11.6 MB)
Windows /Zipball : DataGen 0.7 (11.7 MB)
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