CodeName CIA Custom wheezy7 v-2 kali-linux released

This is an attempt to create a Pentest Distribution, based on the new Wheezy 7 with the addition of Kali linux tools. The project has keep Update all the time, there is always ways to further improve.
This distribution is extremely stable and fast with all the tools to job very well.This is the Second Updated version in my distro with code name C.I.A Version 2 (Custom Improvement Arsenal)
This effort would not have been successfully completed in such a short period of time without the invaluable help of D4rk-50ld13r Top Member of TOP-HAT-SEC Forum, thanked him for all he has done for us.

Screenshot from 2013-05-30 15-14-37

  • Full Pentest Firefox, chrome, Tor browser
  • Arsenal HackPack (Scripts Categorized by reaperz73)
  • Fulli Customizing menou Kali tools
  • Fulli Update and Upgrate system
  • Skype
  • Login Audio
  • Multiarch enabled
  • YAMAS in menu
  • Easy greds in menu
  • Recon-ng in menu
  • PwnSTAR in menu
  • Slowloris in menu
  • Darkstar fix
  • metasploit start with the system
  • Conky
  • UnicornScan
  • KaliLazy script installed (Use it with great caution)
  • Inxi (System Information)

System: Debian Wheezy 7 Stable
Kernel: 3.7-trunk-amd64 x86_64 (64 bit)
Desktop: Gnome
Distro: Wheezy 7 Kali GNU/Linux 1.0
User name: root/Pass: toor
To install the distribution could begin to Default or live mode, and the Application menu select System tools >Live Installer.

Download :
CIA_Wheezy7Kali_darkc0d3.iso (3.4G)
MD5 : 030adeeac7cbaed25ce4b5ae804a23df custom-live.iso

Sources :