CHIPSEC v1.2.5 - Platform Security Assessment Framework.

CHIPSEC v1.2.5 – Platform Security Assessment Framework.

CHIPSEC is a framework for analyzing the security of PC platforms including hardware, system firmware
(BIOS/UEFI), and the configuration of platform components. It includes a security test suite, security assessment
tools for various low level components/interfaces, and basic forensic capabilities for firmware.
CHIPSEC can run from Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and UEFI Shell.

What is Platform Security?
Hardware Implementation and Configuration
• Available Security Features
• Correct Configuration of HW Components
• Testing/Demonstration of HW Security Mechanisms
Firmware Implementation and Configuration
• Access Controls on Firmware Interfaces
• Correct Settings of Lock Bits
• Testing/Demonstration of FW Security Mechanisms

chipsec v1.2.5

chipsec v1.2.5

+ System Management Mode
* CPU SMM Cache Poisoning / SMM Range Registers (SMRR)
* SMM memory (SMRAM) Lock
+ BIOS Write Protection
+ Direct HW Access for Manual Testing
+ Forensics
* Live system firmware analysis
* Offline system firmware analysis

Latest Change chipsec v1.2.5:
* More generic handling of chipsec_tools
* file extension fix
* Installing chipsec-manual.pdf
* change build driver by default. change root directory of chipsec. move WARNING.txt to chipsec. remove PKG-INFO

Tested on:
• Fedora LXDE 64bit
• Ubuntu 64bit
• Debian 64bit and 32bit
• Linux UEFI Validation (LUV)

Installing Manually on Linux & Mac OSX Platform:

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