Automate your software testing, the fastest way!

Fastest stands for ‘Fast Automated Software test’.
* This is a compilation of various open source tools complemented with a set of useful programs that help a Software Test Engineer perform the test automation with ease.* It can be envisioned as a toolkit that every test engineer would need!

* Currently implemented in Java

* Test Automation is not just about writing test cases in a particular programming language. There are a lot more activities that need to be accomplished in order to make the test automation really become automatic.

* Fastest helps automate all the necessary, but difficult test automation tasks like ‘Mapping the test case execution with test plan document, updating centralized test management database, reporting, setup of automated nightly regressions in Continuous Integration (CI) environments, Running code / commands on remote hosts, Interacting with Web services, browser based automation using Selenium, SSH access, Sending Email notifications

Features : 

  • Selenium WebDriver support
  • Automatically capture screenshot for failures in browser based testing
  • RESTful Web services testing
  • Access to MySql database
  • SSH to remote hosts
  • Run commnads on Unix host
  • Inputs through INI file
  • Maven project
  • TestNG support

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