Android Keystore Password Recovery V-1.02 – bruteforcing tool to recovery Android password

The tool recovers the key for your alias. By default this is the same like the keystore password. I will try to add an option to recover both passwords if they are not equal.

There are 3 Methods to recover your keystore password:

– Simply Bruteforce
– Dictionary Attack
– Smart Wordlist Attack

Numbers are added automatically. Each word will be added twice, once like you wrote and once with the first letter capitalized, so you just have to write your words once if your are not shure if you first letter was uppercase or lowercase.


  •     Possibility to specify chars used for bruteforce (regex)
  •     Maybe multithreading to be faster on multicore systems
  •     Recover both passwords (keystore and key) if they are not equal
Changelog version 1.02:
added new option for smart wordlist attack. With the parameter ‘-p’ you activate the common replacements permutation mode. Thanks to Jeff Lauder, who wrote the code for this. More Information are in the wiki

Downlaod :  AndroidKeystoreBrute_v1.02.jar (23.8 KB)
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