ADC V-0.26 – Audit Data Compare

ADC stands for Audit Data Compare. It’s a tool that helps security administrators to maintain policy compliance of configurations and policies on numerous systems.
ADC is similar to OpenAudit or OCS, however ADC is designed to collect arbitrary data (not limited to PC inventory), thus it helps information security experts control configurations and policies on remote servers


  • Web interface based on Apache2-PHP5-MySQL
  • Collect configuration and policy data from arbitrary sources
  • Compare different data sets to find out changes and time of their occurence
  • Search through collected data to find policy violations, misconfigurations, malicious behavior, etc.
  • Agents are customizeable and auto-updateable
  • Supported platforms (more soon): Linux
Download Latest version :  adc-0.25.tar.gz (341.9 kB) 
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