1337 Multiple CMS Scaner Online v0.4

CMS Scaner Online , Make By KedAns-Dz
Info : 
This is Simple Project to make lil PHP script Search and finding Vulnarble Commponetns and Plugins é Modules in CMS Target online

Platform : Windows & Unix/linux

New about v0.4 ! : 
This Script version (0!IIIV) rc is Scanner for all Server Target and
find Multiple CMS Extension (Comp,plug,mod…)
Is slowly couse scanning Multi 4 CMS on all Server web Sites .

Download latest version : 1337msrvscn_v0.4rc.rar (112.5 kB)
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Read more in here : http://sourceforge.net/projects/l337cmsscaner/?source=directory&_test=b