Yok – A tiny, simple and powerfull spy tool (with keylogger, irc connection, etc)

YOK is a tool which allows you to find out what other users do on your computer in your absence.
It is primaly designed to be hidden and monitoring the computer activity.

Designed with flexibility in mind, YOK gives you power to do even more than just watch.
You can extend functionalities using LUA script language.

Also, YOK gives you the opportunity to control your computer by distance using IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
as the main communication platform. So you just need to use any client out there (for desktop, web, mobile, etc).

Features : 

  • Open : The yok is an sopen source project, so you can see every piece of code.
  • Log keystrokes : So you can know exactly what was “talked”.
  • Security : All the config information is stored in a encrypted format.
  • UI : Cool interface to control the software.
  • Scripting : You can use LUA script language to create new functionalities.
  • Reports : Generates the report in text format.
  • Email : Send reports to a specified email.
  • Control : Use IRC to control YOK. This will give you anonimous factor.
  • Flexibility : Execute LUA through IRC, sending a script per upload or typing inside a client.
  • Secret : Install and use in hidden mode.

Download :
yok.zip (625 KB)
yok.tar.gz (552 KB)
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