Yawast - Yet Another Web Application Security Tool.

Yawast – Yet Another Web Application Security Tool.

This application is still very much in the early development phase; as such it should be viewed as alpha software, and thus may have bugs, perform unexpectedly, or be missing features you’d expect from a tool like this. Please keep this in mind as you use this.



This is meant to provide a easy way to perform initial analysis and information discovery. It’s not a full testing suite, and it certainly isn’t Metasploit. The idea is to provide a quick way to perform initial data collection, which can then be used to better target further tests

Latest Change 5/2/2016:
+ travil.yml : Build for 2.2.4 as well
+ test, Gemfile, Gemfile.lock : update gems.
+ Switch to using .ruby-version

The following tests are performed:
+ (Generic) Info Disclosure: X-Powered-By header present
+ (Generic) Info Disclosure: X-Pingback header present
+ (Generic) Info Disclosure: X-Backend-Server header present
+ (Generic) Info Disclosure: X-Runtime header present
+ (Generic) Info Disclosure: Via header present
+ (Generic) X-Frame-Options header not present
+ (Generic) X-XSS-Protection disabled header present
+ (Generic) SSL: HSTS not enabled
+ (Generic) Source Control: Common source control directories present
+ (Generic) Presence of crossdomain.xml or clientaccesspolicy.xml
+ (Generic) Presence of WS_FTP.LOG
+ (Apache) Info Disclosure: Module listing enabled
+ (Apache) Info Disclosure: Server version
+ (Apache) Info Disclosure: OpenSSL module version
+ (Apache) Presence of /server-status
+ (Apache) Presence of /server-info
+ (IIS) Info Disclosure: Server version
+ (ASP.NET) Info Disclosure: ASP.NET version
+ (ASP.NET) Info Disclosure: ASP.NET MVC version
+ (ASP.NET) Presence of Trace.axd
+ (ASP.NET) Presence of Elmah.axd
+ (nginx) Info Disclosure: Server version
+ (PHP) Info Disclosure: PHP version
+ CMS Detection: Generic (Generator meta tag) [Real detection coming as soon as I get around to it…]
++ SSL Information:
– Certificate details
– Certification chain
– Supported Chippers
In addition to these tests, certain basic information is also displayed, such as IPs (and the PTR record for each IP), HTTP HEAD request, and others


Source: https://github.com/adamcaudill