XssScanner 1.1 & CSRFScanner 1.0 Released

XssScanner 1.1
XssScanner is a tool designed to help penetration testers find cross site scripting vulnerabilities. It analyzes a webpage to determine which are the payloads that could be used according to the position of the parameter. Then, for each selected payload, XssScanner sends a request using the payload and checks the returned page to find the payload. The major feature of XssScanner is its ability to detect many encodings that do not change the behavior of the payloadDownload In Here : XssScanner.tar.gz

CSRFScanner 1.0
CSRFSCanner is a tool designed to identify the forms potentially vulnerable to CSRF/XSRF on a website. This detection is made on forms that are only accessible by logged-in users (cookies are needed to find these forms). The methodology used to identify these forms is the 4-pass reverse diff analysis. Then, in order to determine if a form may be vulnerable, the tool analyzes hidden and password fields to find an anti-CSRF token.

Download In Here : CSRFScanner.tar.gz
Read More about CSRFSCanner Documentation : http://www.vulnit.com