X Test v-1.02 released : An 802.1x Supplicant test tool for IP Phone / VoIP Infrastructure environments.

XTestis a simple, practical, and free, wired 802.1x supplicant security tool implementing the RFC 3847 EAP-MD5 Authentication method. It can be used to assess the password strength within wired ethernet environments that rely on 802.1x to protect IP Phones and the VoIP Infrastructure against rogue PC access. XTest is developed in C and freely available to anyone, under the GPLv3 license.

Features :

  • 802.1x Supplicant: XTest can test the username and password against an 802.1x Authenticator (Ethernet Switch), and supports re-authentication.
  • This is a simple and easy method of comparing the password against a valid 802.1x Supplicant running on an IP Phone or a PC.
  • Offline pcap dictionary attack: If you capture a valid 802.1x authentication sequence into a pcap file, XTest will run a dictionary attack against the pcap using a supplied wordlist. XTest will elicit the password from the pcap if the dictionary file containst the valid password.
  • Shared Hub unauthorized access: Using a shared hub, XTest can use the successful authentication of a valid 802.1x supplicant to gain unauthorized access to the network.


  • libpcap
  • XTest is designed for, and has been tested on, BackTrack. It runs just fine in a default installation of BackTrack.

Download Latest Version : xtest-1.02.tar.gz (248.3 kB) 
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