WPBforce – WordPress Brute Force by Gothie

WPBforce cracker tool is a user of a WordPress site, using the technique of Brute Force.
WPBforce MiltThreads uses technology (Simultaneous Connections), supports the use of Proxy, so you do not make requests directly from your IP.


Virus Scan
Scan Result Link: http://my-avscan.com/result.php?scan=NDQ1MTE4
Scan Date: 05/01/2012
Scan occured: 58 seconds ago
File Name: WPBforce.exe
File Size: 996,352 bytes
MD5 Hash: e784952326b19bbc67be40daad76a788
SHA1 Hash: a13a5eda9bb291b5374978e3c8e642000962b0b4
Status: Clean
Total Result: 0/37

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