Win-Sec - Windows Automation system hardening scripts.

Win-Sec – Windows Automation system hardening scripts.

Win-Sec is a small side project that was made due to the fustration of other automated system hardening scripts either not working or really having no idea how to use it.

This is all scripted in batch and powershell to have no compatibility or dependency issues, and the framework easily editable. This is specifically for Windows 10. Windows 7 and Windows 2012 server full compatibility may be added soon or later. Since this is is a side project I will do the best I can to fix as many bugs time will give me. I’m also not the best coder around so hopefully someone will help… hopefully.

Win-Sec – Automatic Windows Hardening Script

– To add plugins just make your own plugin.cmd (HAS TO BE A .cmd EXTENSION, NOT .bat) and add it to one of the appropriate folders. The framework will detect and list/use it automatically.
– Remember to use a virtual machine when testing this. Bugs are still rampant and alot of refining is needed.
Make sure to restart the machine in order for the tweaks and changes to be in place.