WifiScanMap - an other wifi mapping tool.

WifiScanMap – an other wifi mapping tool.

WifiScanMap is a Scan and map all 802.11 access point, stations probes and Bluetooth peripherals. this projects aims to play with common radio networks: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Using tools such as iwlist, hcitool, or airmon-ng and a gpsd gps to logs data in an SQlite database, it provides a web HMI to monitor data processing and analyze already mapped data.
It was tested on recent Debian / Ubuntu and a flying Raspberry 1.

+ locate Wi-Fi access point and its metadata bssid, essid, signal and encryption
+ locate itself thanks to already known access points
+ if using airmon-ng (-m otpion)
+-+ record all probe request: bssid, essid
+-+ record all stations: bssid, signal, date and position
+ if hcitool is installed
+-+ record all bluetooth stations: bssid, name, classe, date and position
+ synchronize data to a remote server (running the same program, with -e option)


Source: https://github.com/mehdilauters