wifijammer - Continuously jam all wifi clients/router.

wifijammer – Continuously jam all wifi clients/router.

Latest changelog 4/1/2016:
+ allow to specify multiple target accesspoints (by bssid or essid)
+ added handling for multiple –accesspoint filters --accesspoint now takes essid or bssid track bssid’s for essid’s essid is case sensitive bssid is not case sensitive
+ added utf8 coding hint
+ fixed wrong indentation (sniff())

wifijammer is a Continuously jam all wifi clients and access points within range. The effectiveness of this script is constrained by your wireless card. Alfa cards seem to effectively jam within about a block radius with heavy access point saturation. Granularity is given in the options for more effective targeting.


+ python 2.7.x
+ python-scapy
+ a wireless card capable of injection.

This will find the most powerful wireless interface and turn on monitor mode. If a monitor mode interface is already up it will use the first one it finds instead. It will then start sequentially hopping channels 1 per second from channel 1 to 11 identifying all access points and clients connected to those access points. On the first pass through all the wireless channels it is only identifying targets. After that the 1sec per channel time limit is eliminated and channels are hopped as soon as the deauth packets finish sending. Note that it will still add clients and APs as it finds them after the first pass through.

Upon hopping to a new channel it will identify targets that are on that channel and send 1 deauth packet to the client from the AP, 1 deauth to the AP from the client, and 1 deauth to the AP destined for the broadcast address to deauth all clients connected to the AP. Many APs ignore deauths to broadcast addresses.


Usage and download from source:

Source: https://github.com/DanMcInerney