Weeman v1.7 (Scratch) - HTTP Server for phishing.

Weeman v1.7 (Scratch) – HTTP Server for phishing.

changelog Version 1.7 (Scratch):
+ Added profiles
+ Added module whois_ip.py
+ Added module extract_links.py
+ Added new tool tools/switch_ip_forward.sh
+ Tool Removed tools/weeman_ettercap.sh
+ Core updated.
+ Bug fixes.

weeman Version 1.7 (Scratch)

weeman Version 1.7 (Scratch)

HTTP server for phishing in python. (and framework) Usually you will want to run Weeman with DNS spoof attack. (see dsniff, ettercap)

This tool for test network security using DNS Spoof Attack(MITM).
Weeman will do the following steps:
+ Weeman will Create fake html page (from the website)
+ Weeman will Wait for clients
+ Weeman will Grab the POST data.(user,password,cookies)
+ Weeman Will try to login the client to the original site

– Python 2.7
– Python BeautifulSoup 4

Install BeautifulSoup:
– Archlinux – sudo pacman -S python2-beautifulsoup4
– For another OS: – sudo pip install beautifulsoup4
Tested only on linux.

Install with git:

Download : v1.7.zip | v1.7.tar.gz  | Clone
Source : https://github.com/Hypsurus  | Our Post Before