Weeman v1.3 codename Armwork released.

Weeman v1.3 codename Armwork released.

Latest change 9/26/2015:
– Core: config.py and shell.py ; Added restore session from history.

This tool for test network security using DNS Spoof Attack(MITM).
Weeman will do the following steps:
+ Weeman will Create fake html page (from the website)
+ Weeman will Wait for clients
+ Weeman will Grab the POST data.(user,password,cookies)
+ Weeman Will try to login the client to the original siteweeman-v1.3-armwork

– Python 2.7
– Python BeautifulSoup 4

Install BeautifulSoup:
– Archlinux – sudo pacman -S python2-beautifulsoup4
– For another OS: – sudo pip install beautifulsoup4
Tested only on linux.

Download : weeman(17.3KB)  | Clone
Source : https://github.com/Hypsurus  | Our Post Before