WebForensik – PHPIDS-based Security Log Analyzer for Apache

Features :

  • Supports standard input log formats (common, combined, etc.)
  • Allows user-defined input formats (using mod_log_config systax)
  • Pipes your web logs through PHPIDS
  • Output in CSV, HTML and XML
Platform : Unix/Linux

get the latest version of PHPIDS, move this script to your PHPIDS lib/ directory or adjust $phpids_lib_path
(optional) if you consider using dns lookups (-h), you might want to run a local, caching nameserver like dnsmasq to increase performance a little bit
run ./webforensik.php access.log

you can define your own Apache-style logline formats, e.g.

‘custom’ => ‘%h %l %u %t “%r” %>s %b %{X-Forwarded-For}’

Usage: webforensik [-i input_type] [-o output_type]
[-h] input_logfile [output_file]

-i allowed input types: common combined combinedio cookie vhost
-o allowed output types: csv html xml
-h resolve hostnames

Download : webforensik-0.18.tgz (149.5 kB)
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Read More In Here : http://sourceforge.net/projects/webforensik/?source=directory