WarBerryPi v4c1 - Tactical Exploitation.

WarBerryPi v4c1 – Tactical Exploitation.

Roadmap and changelog warberry Version 4c1:
+ Added a timeout for responder using the -t switch
+ Fixed a bug in the zones enumeration
+ Added robots.txt enumeration

Version 4c
+ Removed duplicate code
+ Added VPN Aggressive mode scanning
+ Added SMBclient & enum4linux installation
+ Added Zone Transfer Enumeration
+ Updated wiki & bootstrap

Version 4b
+ Fixed an error in the output when interface is not available”
+ Changed the way that interfaces are handled

Version 4a
+ nmap scans are now performed based on the interface chose at start
+ various bug fixes
+ bootstrap file update
+ WiFi and Bluetooth scans are now optional

Version 4
+ Support for turning threads on and off
+ Scan default profile changed for T4 to T1 for stealthiness
+ New and improved folder layout
+ Only active IPs are included in the scans reducing the network footprint
+ Added Blackhat Arsenal 2016 Badge
+ Bug fixes

warberry v4c1

warberry v4c1

The WarBerry was built with one goal in mind; to be used in red teaming engagement where we want to obtain as much information as possible in a short period of time with being as stealth as possible. Just find a network port and plug it in. The scripts have been designed in a way that the approach is targeted to avoid noise in the network that could lead to detection and to be as efficient as possible. The WarBerry script is a collection of scanning tools put together to provide that functionality.

This tool is only for academic purposes and testing under controlled environments. Do not use without obtaining proper authorization from the network owner of the network under testing. The author bears no responsibility for any misuse of the tool.

Use and download from git:

Source: https://github.com/secgroundzero