VWGen - Vulnerable Web applications Generator.

VWGen – Vulnerable Web applications Generator.

Changelog v0.2.0 :
– Now, VWGen can also be one of Tsaotun’s addon.
VWGen is a python script for Vulnerable Web applications Generator.

Status quo
1. Supporting very limited modules, such as SQLI, NOSQLI, LFI, CRLF, Command Injection and XSS.
2. There are two important modules which play essential role in deploying vulnerable web apps.
*** unfilter module scrap the sites and find the keywords to be replaced by parameters.
*** expand module learn the sites and try to rearrange the elements to let child modules insert their payloads within it.
3. Only two themes right now.
4. Python3 is currently not supported!
5. –file option works, but it still needs some developing. Example command: ./VWGen.py

VWGen v0.2


Source: https://github.com/qazbnm456