vsaudit - VOIP/SIP Security Audit Framework.

vsaudit – VOIP/SIP Security Audit Framework.

vsaudit is an opensource tool to perform attacks to general voip services It allows to scans the whole network or single host to do the gathering phase, then it is able to search for most known vulnerabilities on the founds alive hosts and try to exploit them.

Changelog 7/10/2016:
+ Added an important note for kali-linux users about gem and libssl-dev error.

+ Ruby 2.3.0
+ bundler



Environment commands
* Display the available options that can be set
* List the environment variables
* Get the value of environment variable
* Set or change the environment variables

Audit commands
* Check mistakes in the local configuration files
* Scan a local o remote network
* Enumerate the extensions
* Bruteforce extensions
* Get the live network traffic
* Intercept the network traffic by custom bpf

Informations commands
* Get informations about modules or address
* Show the report list
* Show the extensions list

Global commands
* Display the help message
* Quit from the framework

Use and Download:

Source: https://github.com/sanvil