VAST v-3 released : VIPER Assessment Security Tools Linux security distribution

VAST is a Linux-based security distribution specifically designed for pentesting VoIP and UC networks. It enables security professionals and UC owners to more rapidly perform VoIP security assessments, or enumerate vulnerabilities in IP Phones or IP PBX servers within a lab or testbed. With VAST, a security consultant has every tool necessary to carry out a successful onsite or remote penetration test or vulnerability assessment against a UC network. VAST is built on Ubuntu 9.04 and includes all of the open source VIPER Lab tools, in addition to some other network pentest tools.

Sample Screenshot

Some of the tools included in VAST are as follows:

  1. UCsniff
  2. VideoSnarf
  3. Videojak
  4. VoIP Hopper
  5. ACEX
  6. test
  7. Metasploit
  8. Artemisa
  9. SteganRTP
  10. Proto
  11. sXtenXlite
  12. SecurLogixTools
  13. MACchanger
  14. Hydra
  15. Nmap
  16. tshark
  17. Sipvicious 0.2.6
  18. SIPp
  19. Netcat
  20. Warvox
  21. Hping2
  22. Ettercap

VAST has been thoroughly tested in the VIPER Lab not only for operability, but for ease of use as well. In addtion, a repository system for updating VIPER Lab tools. When a new version of a VIPER tool is released, it’s as easy as apt-get update.

Along with the assessment tools included in the distribution, there is also a VoIP honeyclient, for enhancing VoIP research. VAST is routinely updated in a timely manner, when new tools are developed and new exploits become available. VAST can be downloaded in .ISO format and VMWare guest image.

ISO hash d52272625f890f96d54a6daac302b875
VM Image hash 831f28f17a52a5e157e43b95ead31a53
VM Image
username: vast
password: vast

Download : vast.iso (757.7 MB) 
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