v0lt - Security CTF Toy Tools.

v0lt – Security CTF Toy Tools.

v0lt is an attempt to regroup every tool I used/use/will use in security CTF, Python style. A lot of exercises were solved using bash scripts but Python may be more flexible, that’s why. Nothing to do with Gallopsled. It’s a toy toolkit, with small but specific utils only.



Roadmap Changelog
Only includes major features and changes. Bugfixes and minor changes are omitted.
+ Lots of fixes again
+ Hexeditor (Dump/Rewrite files)
Unix password bruteforce cracker
+ Lots of documentation/bugs/framework fixes
+ Added bruteforce
+ Added linux utils
+ Began hexeditor
+ Shellhack fixes
+ Alert messages

+ Libmagic
+ Python3
— BeautifulSoup
— Requests
— filemagic
— hexdump
— passlib

+ Crypto
— Base64
— Ceasar shift
— Hashing functions (SHA, MD5)
— Bits manipulations (XOR, inverse XOR)
— Usual conversions (bytes, strings, hex)
— RSA basics (inverse modulo, inverse power, egcd…)
— Bruteforcing (Dictionnary, custom word)
+ Shellcodes
— Shellcode selection and download from Shell-storm repo
— Shellcode formater
— Shell{cat,net}: Sending shellcode made easy
— Automatic padding
+ Easy connection support
— Netcat
— Telnet


Source: https://github.com/P1kachu