uWebScan – Modular Web Scanner in Python

A small modular web scanner written in python.This is not meant as a replacement to Nikto or similar scanners.

Platform : Windows & Linux. Requirement : Python 2.6 or newer

Current List of Modules:
[S] = Safe / [N] = Not Safe

* [S] apacheversion: Apache HTTPD Version Detection
* [S] bigipcookie  : F5 BIGIP Cookie IP Exposure
* [S] httpheaders  : HTTP Headers Available
* [S] httpoptions  : HTTP OPTIONS Available
* [S] httptracevuln: HTTP TRACE Vulnerability
* [S] intipvuln    : Internal IP Vulnerability
* [S] ntlmvuln     : NTLM Authentication Vulnerability
* [S] propfindvuln : PROPFIND (WebDAV) Vulnerability
* [S] robotstxtvuln: Robots.txt “Disallow” Disclosure
* [N] webr00t      : File & Directory Enumeration
* [S] webtime      : Web Server Clock Check

For example the BIP IP Cookie module looks something like this:

The NTLM Authentication Information Exposure module looks like:

Download :
uWebScan-1.2.zip (13.0 KB)
uWebScan-1.2.tar.gz (8.7 KB)
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Read more In here : https://code.google.com/p/uwebscan-python/