Updates Slither - Python Web Attack Framework.

Updates Slither – Python Web Attack Framework.

Latest Updates & Changes 06/07/2015:
+ Formating Changes
+ Added a new utility class to handle specific functions, and made major upgrades to the JNLP parser.

This framework is here to help you in your quest of conquering web applications. Slither will contain modules to help you attack and exploit, but also handle some pretty obsecure tasks as well.

+ akaspy – Bypassing Akamai and accessing Akamai Origins
+ jnlp parser – Parse a JNLP file and download the target JAR(s) for a Java Web Start RIA
+ struts2 params – Validate and exploit the struts2 includeparams vulnerability
+ jmap heap dump – Performs multiple heap dumps on a target PID

+ Handler – Basic TCP Socket Server
+ Http Server – Basic HTTP Server for serving up files
+ Shell – Python Web Shell

Slither is written in Python3, and I would suggest setting up a virtualenv after you clone it. You can use pip to install the requirements.txt – Once you activate the virtualenv, you’re good to go!


Download : Master.zip  | Clone Url
Source : https://github.com/rotlogix | Our post Before