Updates Security Union v–12.04.4-20140222 : is a Linux distro for IDS, NSM, and log management.

Change log September 2014

  • Issue 412: OSSEC 2.8 or higher
  • Issue 573: OSSEC setmaxagents
  • Issue 330: ossec.conf changes
  • Issue 581: NSM: avoid filling disk if CRIT_DISK_USAGE exceeded in one day
  • Issue 582: NSM: only run “broctl cron” if Bro is enabled
  • Issue 568: New package securityonion-samples-jackcr
  • Issue 553: NetworkMiner 1.6
  • Issue 572: securityonion-et-rules: update for new ISO
  • Issue 536: ISO: deleting desktop icons for live user sometimes doesn’t work properly
  • Issue 554: 12.04.5 ISO image

Security Onion is a Linux distro for IDS (Intrusion Detection) and NSM (Network Security Monitoring). It’s based on Ubuntu and contains Snort, Suricata, Bro, Sguil, Squert, Snorby, ELSA, Xplico, NetworkMiner, and many other security tools. The easy-to-use Setup wizard allows you to build an army of distributed sensors for your enterprise in minutes!

Security Onion 12.04 Update Procedure
Initiating an update over SSH
If you’re updating your Security Onion box over an SSH connection and your connection drops, then your update process may be left in an inconsistent state. It is therefore recommended to run byobu so that your session will continue to run on the Security Onion box even if your connection drops. Byobu is very handy and we recommend running it all the time to avoid forgetting about it before an update.

# install byobu
sudo apt-get install byobu
# enable byobu
# you’re now ready to update

Download latest version : securityonion-12.04.4-20140222.iso (1.4 GB) 
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