Updates Libtins v-3.2 : a high-level, multiplatform C++ network packet sniffing and crafting library.

Changelog v3.2 :
– Added include guard for config.h.
– The functor used on BaseSniffer::sniff_loop can now take a Packet.
– Added mcs, tx_flags, ext and data_retries options to RadioTap.
– Fixed big endian representation of RadioTap header.
– RadioTap’s dbm_signal and dbm_noise are now signed.
– RadioTap now throws if an option is not present when getting its value.
– TKIP decryption now works correctly on packets from AP to STA.
– Added support for PKTAP header.
– Fixed endian issue on IPv4Address::ip_to_int on Windows.
– Fixed IP parsing when total length is 0 due to TCP segmentation offload.
– Re-added support for pkg-config.
– TCPStreamFollower now calls PDU::find_pdu instead of PDU::rfind_pdu.
– Fixed assertion throw caused by DNS parsing on Windows on debug mode.
– Added throw on BSD when trying to send_recv L3 packets.
– Added Loopback::matches_response.
– Removed obsolete autotools files.
– Fixed exception thrown when an interface didn’t have an IP address on NetworkInterface.
– Added NetworkInterface::is_loopback.
– Moved all headers to the directory include/tins.
– Fixed compilation warning on TCPStramFollower due to signed to unsigned conversion on integral constant.
– BaseSniffer::get_pcap_handle is now public.
– PPPoE session packets are now parsed correctly.
– Fixed invalid Loopback protocol detection on FreeBSD/OSX.
– Fixed OSX IP packet sending issue.
– Added useful constructors to RawPDU.
– Fixed compilation errors on FreeBSD.
– Improved documentation on several classes.
– Fixed parsing bug when allocating IP over IP packets.
– Fixed Windows network interface naming.
– Utils::network_interface returns pcap compatible names on Windows.
– NetworkInterface::name now works on Windows.
– Added documentation generation through the build system.
– Added SnifferConfiguration class.
– Fixed bug on Dot3 serialization.
– Added OfflinePacketFilter class.
– Renamed NOEXCEPT macro to TINS_NOEXCEPT.
– Added DataLinkType class.
– IPv4Address now uses inet_pton when constructing from string.

libtins is a high-level, multiplatform C++ library for crafting, sending, sniffing and interpreting raw network packets.
Its main purpose is to provide the C++ developer an easy, efficient, platform and endianess-independent way to create tools which need to send, receive and manipulate specially crafted packets

The different objects in a packet as represented on libtins.

The different objects in a packet as represented on libtins.

libtins supports several protocols and features:
– Network packet crafting.
– Packet sniffing and automatic packet interpretation.
– Reading and writing PCAP files.
– Following and reassembling TCP streams on the fly.
– Decrypting WEP and WPA2(TKIP and CCMP) encrypted 802.11 data frames on the fly and interpreting the decrypted content.
– Supported protocols:
–IEEE 802.11
–IEEE 802.3
–IEEE 802.1q
–Linux Crooked Capture

Download version :
Tarball: v-3.2.tar.gz
Zipball: v-3.2.zip
Source, Installation and how to usage : http://libtins.github.io/ Our Post Before
Contact : Matias Fontanini (matias.fontanini@gmail.com)