Updates Discover v-0412 – Custom bash scripts To automate various pentesting tasks.

Chang log Dec 4 :

  • Fixed bug – NSE wrong port number. 100,000 to 10,000.
  • Fixed bug – forgot to create resource file telnet2.rc.
  • Removed auxiliary/scanner/mysql/mysql_authbypass_hashdump from resource file mysql.rc.
  • Removed auxiliary/scanner/http/tomcat_mgr_login from resource file tomcat.rc.

1.  OSIG – open source intelligence gathering
2.  Scrape – names, emails, whois, DNS and traceroute

DISCOVER– Host discovery, port scanning, service enumeration and OS identification using Nmap, Nmap scripts and Metasploit scanners.

  • Ping Sweep
  • Single Host or URL
  • Local Area Network
  • List of Hosts
  • CIDR Notation
  • Open multiple tabs in Firefox
  • Niktos
  • SSL Check
  • Check for new Nmap scripts and Metasploit scanners
  • Start a Metasploit listener
How To USAGE :

1. Download scripts to the proper location.
svn co https://backtrack-scripts.googlecode.com/svn/  /opt/scripts

2. Set permissions.
chmod 755 /opt/scripts/ -R

3. Run the setup script.

4. Run the new alias to update the distro and commonly used applications.

5. Run the main application.

Put code Scripting in here
 : https://backtrack-scripts.googlecode.com/svn/

More information right here : https://code.google.com/p/backtrack-scripts/

Our post Before : http://seclist.us/updates-discover-custom-bash-scripts-to-automate-various-pentesting-tasks-3.html