Update Wireshark V-1.80rc1

New and Updated FeaturesThe following features are new (or have been significantly updated) since version 1.6:

  •     Wireshark supports capturing from multiple interfaces at once.
  •     You can now add, edit, and save packet and capture file annotations.
  •     Wireshark, TShark, and their associated utilities now save files using the pcap-ng file format by default. (Your copy of Wireshark might still use the pcap file format if pcap-ng is disabled in your preferences.)
  •     Decryption key management for IEEE 802.11, IPsec, and ISAKMP is easier.
  •     OID resolution is now supported on 64-bit Windows.
  •     When saving packets, the default choice is now to save only the displayed packets rather than all packets.
  •     TCP fast retransmissions are now indicated as an expert info note, rather than a warning, just as TCP retransmissions are.
  •     TCP window updates are no longer colorized as “Bad TCP”.
  •     TShark’s command-line options have changed. The previously undocumented -P option is now -2 option for performing a two-pass analysis; the former -S option is now the -P option for printing packets even if writing to a file, and the -S option is now used to specify a different line separator between packets.
  •     GeoIP IPv6 databases are now supported.
Wireshark is a powerful network protocol analyzer developed by an international team of networking experts. It runs on UNIX, OS X and Windows. (Looking for Ethereal? You’re in the right place. We switched names in May 2006 due to trademark issues.)

General Features :

  • Capture and interactively analyze network traffic
  • Runs on most platforms
Download Version :
Windows :
Wireshark-win32-1.8.0rc1.exe http://sourceforge.net/projects/wireshark/files/win32/Wireshark-win32-1.8.0rc1.exe/download
Wireshark-win64-1.8.0rc1.exe (26.6 MB) http://sourceforge.net/projects/wireshark/files/win64/all-versions/Wireshark-win64-1.8.0rc1.exe/download
Mac OS :
Wireshark 1.8.0rc1 Intel 64.dmg http://sourceforge.net/projects/wireshark/files/osx/Wireshark%201.8.0rc1%20Intel%2064.dmg/download
Wireshark 1.8.0rc1 Intel 32.dmg http://sourceforge.net/projects/wireshark/files/osx/Wireshark%201.8.0rc1%20Intel%2032.dmg/download
Unix/Linux : wireshark-1.8.0rc1.tar.bz2  http://sourceforge.net/projects/wireshark/files/src/wireshark-1.8.0rc1.tar.bz2/download
Find Other Version | http://sourceforge.net/projects/wireshark/files/
Read more in here : http://www.wireshark.org/