Update WebSploit Toolkit v-2.0 Code Name “Cyber Angels”

Changes V-2.0  “Cyber Angels”
Fixes :
[>]added about option
[>]added new header art
[>]optimized size from 8 mg to 1.4 mgNew Tools :
[+]Fake Update [network attack vector]
[+]Fake Access point [wireless attack vector]

Hacking Victim System With MFOD & Java Applet Attack Using Websploit Toolkit Video

WebSploit Is An Open Source Project For :
[>]Social Engineering Works
[>]Scan,Crawler & Analysis Web
[>]Automatic Exploiter
[>]Support Network Attacks
[+]Autopwn – Used From Metasploit For Scan and Exploit Target Service
[+]wmap – Scan,Crawler Target Used From Metasploit wmap plugin
[+]format infector – inject reverse & bind payload into file format
[+]phpmyadmin Scanner
[+]LFI Bypasser
[+]Apache Users Scanner
[+]Dir Bruter
[+]admin finder
[+]MLITM Attack – Man Left In The Middle, XSS Phishing Attacks
[+]MITM – Man In The Middle Attack
[+]Java Applet Attack
[+]MFOD Attack Vector
[+]USB Infection Attack
[+]ARP Dos Attack
[+]Web Killer Attack
[+]Fake Update Attack
[+]Fake Access point Attack

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