Update thad0ctor’s word list toolkit v0.7

Originally designed and focuesed as a word list creation tool, Thad0ctor’s BT5 Toolkit has become an all purpose script to simplify many Backtrack 5 functions to help Pentesters strengthen their systems

For Backtrack 5

————————-| ChangesLog Version: v0.7 |—————————

+ Fixed some errors with commands pointing in the wrong places
+ Added random appearing banners to the start of the script
+ Added the ability to custom 1337ify a word list
+ Added a function to carry over settings like GTK to dependencies
+ Added the ability to convert uppercase characters in a word list
to lowercase characters and vice versa

Download Latest Version : thad0ctor_s Word List Toolkit v0.7.zip (81.5 kB) 
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