update subterfuge V1.1 – Automated Man-in-the-Middle Attack Framework

Changes Log V1.1:
-Uses a custom built python arp poisoning tool arpmitm.py created by r00t0v3rr1d3
-When Subterfuge attack is stopped, the network is properly re-arped
-Injects a lock favicon into secure pages (fixed sslstrip path error)
-Removed lo option from interface and gateway selection area
-Updated and improved the gateway automatic detection code
-Auto configuration of network interfaces is more reliable
-Installer warns if installation is attempted without root privileges
-Clear sslstrip log to prevent possible infinite error loops
-Fixed bug where button would say stop when it wasn’t running
-Fixed index out of bounds error when an sslstrip error was thrown
-Fixed transition animation time to more accurately represent program startup time

Subterfuge Beta package and installer. Unpack and run “python install.py -i” for full installation. (Note some packages require an internet connection to install properly). Python 2.7 is required

This video is short introduction to the basic features of the Subterfuge Project


Download : SubterfugePublicBeta1.1.tar.gz (16.6 MB)
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Read more in here : http://code.google.com/p/subterfuge/