Update soapUI v-4.5.1

Changes & Bugs fixed v-4.5.1:

  • Added the GetData feature to the editable fields of the Message Content Assertion feature.
  • Improved the new licensing model to improve user experience with activating and managing the soapUI license including providing an excel license key registry file.
  • Added the ability to search for data in the response editors.
  • Enhanced the request’s authorization tab to guide the user when configuring for either pre-emptive or NTLM/Kerberos security
  • Defined test environments can be renamed.
  • Improved load testing when using jdbc datasource.
  • Improved the Test On Demand feature to incorporate the use of the Assertion.
  • Improved XQuery and XPath wildcard match handling to match whole or portions of values.
  • Fixed the HTTP raw request view to include all headers as listed in the HTTP log.
  • Corrected the response editor Right Click menu to include additional editor management options.
  • Fixed SOAP Fault and Not SOAP Fault to evaluate correctly.
  • Fixed the NPE error in the getPropertyValue in WsdlProjectPro of the soapUI API.
  • Fixed the cut and copy feature in the response editors.
  • Fixed the SAML XML editor window in the WS-Security form so it is no longer read only.
  • Fixed the ability to open a P12 keystore when using WS-Security.
  • Fixed the Mock Service response editor so that it is editable.
  • Fixed soapUI so it can now use the correct number, as defined, of concurrent connections/sockets.
  • Fixed the REST URL encoding for GET requests .
  • Fixed the ClassCastException error when upgrading 4.0.1 projects to 4.5.0.

soapUIis the leading desktop application for inspecting, invoking, monitoring, simulating/mocking as well as functional testing, security testing, load testing, compliance testing and surveillance testing of REST/WADL and SOAP/WSDL-based Web Service


  • Functional Testing
  • Web Service Simulation
  • Web Service Testing
  • Security Testing
  • REST Testing
  • JMS Testing
  • JDBC Testing
  • AMF Testing
  • Load Testing
  • POX Testing
  • Code Generation

Download Version :
Windows Stand Alone : soapui-4.5.1-win32-standalone-bin.zip(149.1 MB)
Windows Binary 64 bit : soapUI-x64-4.5.1.exe(122.7 MB)  |
Window Binary 32bit : soapUI-x32-4.5.1.exe(122.3 MB)
Mac OS : soapUI-4.5.1.dmg (115.1 MB)
Unix/Linux : soapui-4.5.1-src.tar.gz (2.6 MB)
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