Update Skipfish V-2.07b

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  • http://www.seclist.us/skipfish-v205.html

Changelog Version 2.07b:

  •   – A horrible bug fix which caused instable pages not be marked as such. The result: false positives.
  •   – A change to fprint_response() will help reduce false positives that could occur for differential tests (i.e. the query and shell injection tests)
  •   – We now suppress implicit cache warnings when dealing with 302, 303 and 307 redirects.
  •   – Added –no-checks which allows a scan to be run without any injection tests. This still allows bruteforcing and combines well with the new ability to load URLs from previous scan results.
  •   -We can now parse the pivots.txt, which can be found in the output directory of older scans. All URLs will be loaded which seriously speeds up recurring scans.
  •   – Directory bruteforcing now includes a content negotiation trick where using a fake mime in the Accept: header will cause some servers to propose us files via a 406 response.

Download : skipfish-2.07b.tgz (208 KB)
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