Update Script: thad0ctor’s word list toolkit v1.35

—————————-| Change Log Version: v1.3 |—————————-
+ Added the ability to toggle on and off the banner on script start up
+ Fixed some issues with the configure utility and made it so some of
its functions are no longer case sensitive in addition to
eliminating the possibility of misconfiguring certain items and
making it generally more user friendly
+ Added dependency checks and the installation of missing dependencies
to the first run of the script
+ Added the ability to force dependency checks even after the first run
+ Added the ability to convert the numbers of a word list into their
word equivelant
+ Added ATT Mifi wireless hotspots to the list of default passwords
(I highly suggest you only use the passthrough for this feature)
+ Added the ability to install the script so you can run it from any
terminal by typing “thad0ctor”
+ Added a feature that removes ‘s and version info from the script directory
in order to properly install the script and provide continuity for
future releases when utilizing the install feature
+ Added the ability to create word lists from an ebook file
(requires: Calibre)
+ Added the ability to batch convert multiple PDFs and Ebooks into a
word list (requires: Calibre)
+ Fixed some manipulation tools so they have y/n prompts before they go
ahead and create / modify word lists
+ Added a feature that installs a shortcut and icon to run the script
from the Applications > Other menu
+ Made many sed based features i.e. replace, insert etc. so you can now
edit files in place or create a new file

Thad0ctor’s BT5 Toolkit has become an all purpose script to simplify many Backtrack 5 functions to help Pentesters strengthen their systems


-This scripts requires Backtrack 5 Linux based on Ubuntu, although
it has not been tested on other DISTROS it could work
with the proper configuration

-In order to run this script you will need the following programs:

-pyrit (for the benchmarks)
-aircack-ng (for the benchmarks)

-System wise I would recommend a minimum of a dual core setup with
2 GB of RAM in addition to at least 50 GB of HDD space if
you plan on making some word lists.

Download :  thad0ctors Word List Toolkit v1.35.zip (114.6 kB)
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