Update Script: thad0ctor’s word list toolkit v1.1

—————————-| Change LogVersion: v1.1 |——————————————–+ Fixed some of the wording with the Phone and Social creation functions
regarding the movement and deletion of existing .lst files
+ Fixed some default settings not being default
+ Added checks that show which word lists would be removed / moved for
the SSN and Phone Number functions
+ Added the ability to create a word list with a customizeable random
pattern (limit the amount of consecutive characters, limit the
number of instances of all characters, specify min and max length)

Thad0ctor’s BT5 Toolkit has become an all purpose script to simplify many Backtrack 5 functions to help Pentesters strengthen their systems

-This scripts requires Backtrack 5 Linux based on Ubuntu, although
it has not been tested on other DISTROS it could work
with the proper configuration

-In order to run this script you will need the following programs:

-Zenity (optional for the GTK version)
-Pyrit (for the benchmarks)
-Aircack-NG (for the benchmarks)

-System wise I would recommend a minimum of a dual core setup with
2 GB of RAM in addition to at least 50 GB of HDD space if
you plan on making some word lists.

Download :  thad0ctor_s Word List Toolkit v1.1.zip (278.2 kB)
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Read more in Here : http://www.backtrack-linux.org/forums/showthread.php?t=49222
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